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Hello friends! And welcome to the world of Earth TF-X. I am the founder of this group and it's "Emperor", if you will, EmporerOfFire. Below there are some facts about the consistent universe in which our transformations take place.

In the universe of TF-X, magic exists. However, not as you would expect. You can't just wave your wand and expect a magical poof and some poor bastard is now a girl. No, it take preparation. There are only three types of magic in this universe, Thaumaturgy (Rituals using things to connect you to the subject, contained in pentacles, just look up Harry Dresden Thaumaturgy and you should get something similar.), Alchemy, and Enchanting. Mythical creatures also exist which do have specific powers, but it's more of a kinesis than magic.

In earth TF-X, there is a town called Transerton in Nevada, named such as it was founded by Harrison Transer in 2018 and passed down from generation to generation. Harrison Transer one day abruptly decided to travel the world and learnt a lot about himself. He also mysteriously came across a large amount of wealth which he used to Found Transerton, a humble hamlet which transformed into a gleaming metropolis. One of these generations is Theodore Gerald Transer, who is a bit of a nasty man. He neglects his people in favour of his research and experiments, but still is perceived as a benevolent god amongst men by most. And anyone who openly criticizes him either mysteriously disappears or is involved in a tragic accident.

Research by Theodore Gerald Transer led to the invention of the TranserCorp body manipulation machine. The BMM. TranserCorp would release this commercially under the leadership of Ms. Maria Transer, the daughter of Theodore Gerald Transer , after she joined the Nochigua rebellion because she found out how unethical her father was in his research.

The Nochigua Rebellion took place in the time of Theodore Gerald Transer after 6 brothers discovered the three sacred trees and were angry with Transer for what he was doing. The three trees are the trees of Rebirth, whose leaves can transform others in to anything depending on what they're consumed with. The transformation always ends in the "Quirk" As the result of the transformation, when the leaves are not consumed by themselves, always differs from the norm in one way or another.  The second tree is the tree of Eternity, whose golden fruit allow for immortality. Finally, there is the tree of healing, whose blossoms can heal any injury or illness. Each brother transformed later on one by one until there were 6 sisters. Except from the leader of the rebellion, Hasake, who mysteriously turns back after every transformation at the next sunrise. They have gained members by selling products with the leaves of rebirth crushed up and mixed in from their store, "Tomorrow's Goods".

That is the setting so far for our humble little universe. More will be added at time goes on.
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